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Australia Study has never been more affordable. With multiple benefits such as learning English from native speaking lecturers, exploring the most exotic parts of the World; more and more international students are coming to Australia. This blog is to share the experience and can be used as a guideline for prospective students who are considering Australia as a study abroad destination.


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Why To Study Abroad

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Study abroad seems to be one of the hottest trends in today's society wherein job hunting is more competitive than ever and knowledge is a vital key to success. Exposed to countless different experiences, overseas students grow more mature and might gain more opportunities that can change their life forever. Keeping that in mind, I would like to share my personal perspective on what you can benefit from studying overseas. Based on the top reasons for studying abroad, you can come to your own decision whether or not studying abroad is a good fit for you.


1# Why To Study Abroad: New Learning Experience

Different from traditional teaching methods in many Asian countries, university lecturers in Australia embrace a more creative teaching and learning experience. Students are encouraged to take benefits from hands-on learning and to study from failures. You will not be required to learn word by word from your lecturers but instead you have to make your own decisions on what is important and how to approach it. They will be there to help but will not be giving you step-by-step instructions. Hence, you are free to make mistakes without being deducted marks from your overall performance as long as you make sure to follow your assignments' guidelines.

This learning approach can mostly be exhibited through class discussions and case study examples. Hence, you will find yourself participating and giving your personal viewpoints on various class topics. On the contrary, you are probably told point after point to learn when you are studying in your country.

2# Why To Study Abroad: Higher Chance To Improve Language

It's not rare to see students in English language classes speaking to each other in their local language. There is nothing wrong about that except your English skills including vocabulary and reflection might not improve as you wish. In contrast, you are supposed to communicate in English all the time in Australia because it's the only mean to make others understand you regardless of whether you are attending a class or applying for a job.

From my viewpoint, joining local clubs and activities is the best option to learn a language. Emerging events including even the most mundane ones are good opportunities to learn new sets of vocabulary which you are not going to study from any books even though they are important for daily conversations.

3# Why To Study Abroad: Travel Opportunities

You are not going to only study during the whole course of your stay in Australia. It's famous for many exotic travel spots. Firstly, they are not far from your location. Wherever you live in Australia, there must be tourist spots surrounding. Next, transportation is crazily easy here. There are plenty of buses and train stations which make your trips safe and comfortable. You need not be a travel expert to know where to go. Local people are very friendly and always willing to give you help and suggestions if you ever get lost. You can even find all the information you need from the Internet showing you what time and how to reach the places you want to go to.

4# Why To Study Abroad: International Qualifications

Your attitude and work experience are the keys to advancing your career prospects. Yet qualifications still play a significant role in today's job markets. For overseas students, having an internationally recognised certificate is considered to be one of the key advantages over others. It shows not only your expertise in your field but also the proficiency of your English language. Besides that, its undoubted potentials of giving a competitive edge over other job seekers having similar or less academic background is obviously one of the most promising aspects of studying abroad.

5# Why To Study Abroad: Learning Cultural Differences First-Hand

Australia probably has the most diverse culture because of the prolonged history of immigration. It has been and will be the destination of many immigrants all over the world. Therefore, you can encounter many different cultures when living in Australia. From my experience, you can't find anywhere else having a vast variety of food as in Australia. Whether you want to try Vietnamese cuisine, Thai cuisine or any other types; you can find them all here. Different types have their own distintive features that can enrich your living experience.

Cultural differences can be even more than the differences in food, clothing and language. They are reflected in deep perceptions, values and way of life of a person. From my perspective, a clear sign of this is the work attitude of Australian people. As an employee, you will feel fully respected and appreciated for your work. Nobody will push you in a harassing way to meet deadlines. Instead, it comes from your own awareness and you have your own space to finish your duties at work. As a result, you will feel the needs to collaborate with your colleagues as a team player and to improve your skill sets for your own benefits.

#6 Why To Study Abroad: Broaden Your Worldview

Many have been talking about this but haven't clearly explained what kind of "view" you will be getting. With respects to this, I would like to discuss how you will perceive the roles of other people surrounding and how you will think about employment and your personal life after studying and working here.

You might be amazed of how Australian respects other people, even those working as cleaners or waiters. Everyone is treated in the same way. The reason might be due to the diversity of the Australian workforce. It's not rare to see students with Master or PhD degrees working kitchen hands or any other low position jobs. And they may be your classmates trying to earn some more for their study here. Hence, you should get used to saying thanks to any staff serving you.

Next, Australians are very relaxed and friendly. On average, people travel and have BBQ with their friends at least one time every fortnight. Please don't take me wrong that Australian people are lazy. Instead they are very hard working and committed to their work. You might be thinking "I would also travel if I have money". The reason is the living standards are very high here. The salary for 2 days of work might be enough for your rent and basic needs including foods and clothing even if you are working as a cleaner. Hence, they very much enjoy life at beautiful beaches and many tourist spots with their family.