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Australia Study has never been more affordable. With multiple benefits such as learning English from native speaking lecturers, exploring the most exotic parts of the World; more and more international students are coming to Australia. This blog is to share the experience and can be used as a guideline for prospective students who are considering Australia as a study abroad destination.


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Student Job Part Time

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Having a part time job when you are a student is a great way to supplement your tuition fees and living costs in Australia. However, it's not easy to find a suitable one that suits your study requirements especially in Australia. If you are still in your home country and ready to move here or you have already arrived but have no experience in finding a job, this is a perfect start-up instruction. For those who have got a job but are not completely satisfied, this is a great opportunity to expand your search and improve your career prospects.



Before jumping into the discussion, I would like to give my thoughts on balancing your study and your work. As far as I'm concerned, overseas students can get admission into an Australia college/university under 2 circumstances: either you have got a sufficient IELTS score or you have to enrol in an English course prior to the commencement of you main major. Hence, it's fair to say there are 2 phases during your study in Australia. I'm going to discuss phase by phase so you can see which phase is the best time to look for a job.

The first phase is during the English language course. Obviously, this is not applicable for many students with good English skills. This is only for those whose skills are required to improve before they enrol in their main subjects. Mostly, institutions provide only full time English courses wherein students have to study from 9am to 4pm every weekday. In this circumstance, you'd better focus on your language class. You will not find a job without compromising your study. From my experience, you have to pay $375/week for your English class. As you are a full time, you will be permitted to work only 20 hours/week and because of your class timetable, you will have time only over the weekend or Saturday and Sunday. There are so many other students studying in university and having more than 2 days available to work that you have no chance to compete and to get a job. Let's suppose you are super lucky and have got a job. You earning will be around $150/2 days (Saturday and Sunday). After the whole day of labour work, it's hard to do homework and submit it for the next Monday. Having said that, I mean it's not worth taking a low paying job which can lead to a failure of your English course which costs lots more than what you can earn. Believe it or not many students did fail their English courses because of late submissions of homework and unsatisfied levels of English as a result of part-time work.

In the second phase, you will be studying your main major in the university. In my opinion, you can find time to work and there seem to be more companies giving part time jobs to college students but not those who are studying an English course. Furthermore, your work can be more professional and be counted when you apply for your Permanent Residency. In case you haven't known yet, university students normally have to go to school only 4 days/week.


1) Career Hub for your university

Probably this one is the best option for a student. Each university tends to have its own career service website where you have more opportunities to find a job in your own university. Working in your university is a big advantage since your salary will be likely to be high and you need not travel for long distances. You can go to your class or library to study right after your work is finished.

Career Hub of Macquarie University

2) Information Board in your Departmental Office

Every department has its own Information Board where latest information related to your courses is available. Sometimes you can find job ads there which are specific to your department. Examples include lab supervisors positions and tutors positions. Occasionally, you can find ads such as "Tutor Needed" which can come from your friends who are struggling with one of the courses you've already studied.

3) Gumtree is one of the largest online classifieds site with thousands of ads. You can post your resume online or search for specific jobs. Filtering jobs by location gives you the ability to find jobs closer to your house, thereby saving your transportation fees.


Students seeking informal jobs prefer this website to other job search websites because of its casualness. Anybody can post anything on Gumtree. Hence, you might need to be a bit more conscious with what is written there. However, it's not a big problem since you can go to the shop/company advertising the job in person to check it out.

4) Volunteer Work

Without local work experience, you have only very little chance to get a job related to your major. Therefore, volunteer jobs are a good start to get that local work experience. Even if you were in a senior position while working at your country, you might not be favoured compared to another person who got only work experience as a graduate here.

You might be also surprised to know it's not easy at all to find volunteer jobs related to your major. There are thousands of students who are in the same conditions wishing to get the same job out there. Hence, you'd better be well-prepared and energetic for a chance of getting an interview for such a job. One of my favourite volunteer jobs websites is You can register to receive weekly emails from them for the latest jobs. Fido Skilled Volunteering focuses on volunteer jobs that are:
• Professional volunteer jobs
• Senior management volunteer jobs
• Technical or trade volunteer jobs
• Specialist volunteer jobs
• Urgent or critical volunteer jobs
• Unique, interesting, or unusual volunteer jobs

Fido Volunteer

5) Relationship

Making friends is good not only for your personal life but also your professional life. Let me tell you a story. One of my friends in univ was an outgoing and friendly guy. Although he had searched for a job for almost a year, he couldn't find any job even a kitchen hand one. When his friend was going back to China after finishing a Master degree, he was introduced to the IT Lab maintenance position of the other guy because of his good relationship with that guy. If he hadn't been introduced, the position would have been advertised and there would have been thousands of applications coming through. How many percent do you think he could get that job? Hence, it's usually easy (but not always) to get a job through relationship.

6) Local Newspapers

You can search in Australian newspapers which might advertise high paying jobs. There is no harm in trying. However, the probability can be low. What I'm talking about is the newspapers in your own language. Australia has a diverse culture. People from all other the world have been migrating here for years. Believe it or not many small business owners such as a manager in a small grocery store may not know English well even though they are running a business. The reason could be they came to Australia when the immigration policies were just so easy. Hence, no English proficiency was required for them.

Anyway, the thing I would like to address is the probability of finding a job from your local newspapers may be higher. However, this is not my preference because you will not gain any formal work experience or improve your English skills.

7) Job Search Websites

There are so many websites for job seekers in Australia. One thing that differentiates this type of a website from Gumtree is the level of professionalism of job ads. Jobs found in these websites normally require you to have citizenship or at least Permanent Residency. Only once in a while, you can find ones that do not require this condition. Yet for those seeking sponsorship for the immigration purposes, they are good resources to search for a job as such. They are, however, not the people hiring but consultants helping companies find the right candidates. Hence, your application will be filtered by them before it actually comes to the actual employers.

Following are some of the most popular job search websites:

8) Super Google Keywords

If you ever try to search for a job in Google Australia, you definitely know how annoying it is to see jobs repeatedly from well known job search websites such as MyCareer, JobSearch. I suppose when you search like that, you are looking for something new and different from those sites. Probably you would be very excited to find companies advertising for vacant positions. In other words, it's like direct marketing. You find a company advertising, for example, a sale person position; you will want to apply and send your resume directly to the company because it tends to be easier. It leads us to the question "How can we get around with those job search websites to find companies wherein we can apply directly?" Without giving too many confusing details, I would like to outline the key points followed by search facilities implementing the discussed ideas to assist you in search for jobs as such.
a) Excluding job search websites using minus "-"
b) Specifying Australia as the location using keyword "site:au"
c) Using common phrases used by employers such as "opportunities", "we are looking for"

Removing Job Search Sites

Removing Job Search Sites And Set Australia as The Location

Using Common Phrase 1

Using Common Phrase 2

Using Common Phrase 3

Using Common Phrase 4

Using Common Phrase 5

9) LinkedIn

As this is one of the biggest social networks for professionals, you have to have an account with all of the highlights of your professional life. However, I'm not going to show you either how to open a LinkedIn account or instructions on how to use the LinkedIn services. Rather, I'm offering you a method to find out companies' information. Suppose you are a software engineer specialising in web development. After googling up, you've found out Company X seems to be a promising company to apply. However, you don't know for sure if they have any positions related to web development and what is required to do in that job. Below are the steps to do:
a) Look for Company X's LinkedIn profile
b) The profile will show you a list of the employees
c) Check up any employees' profiles with the role as Web Developer or any positions of your interest
d) The employees' profiles will show you what they specialise in, which university they studied and what they are doing currently

Knowing this information gives you the ability to take actions accordingly when sending your resume or decide even whether Company X is a good fit for your career prospects.

10) Google Maps

With the power of Google Maps, you can easily find out information about shops/companies in your area. Simply enter your address and search for nearby shops such as pizza or bread shops. It will show you contact information such as addresses and phone numbers. The last thing you need to do is to contact the shops or companies for employment opportunities.

Google Maps for Jobs

Before I end the discussion, I strongly recommend you make sure you can fulfill your study requirements before thinking of working part time since whatever salaries you will be taking, your earning will not be able to cover your tuition fees. You can't afford failing any of the subjects in your degree.