Australia Study

Australia Study has never been more affordable. With multiple benefits such as learning English from native speaking lecturers, exploring the most exotic parts of the World; more and more international students are coming to Australia. This blog is to share the experience and can be used as a guideline for prospective students who are considering Australia as a study abroad destination.


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Preparing To Study Abroad

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This guideline can be used not only for Australia but also for many other countries. Studying abroad is a big challenge to many students. There are many things to take care of and to be planned thoroughly. I'm going to show you common tasks you need to finish before studying overseas.


1) Insurance
2) Passport, Visa and Offer Letter
3) Banking and Money
4) Check Out The Weather
5) Housing and Transportation
6) Emergency Numbers
7) Make A Note Of Everything
8) Adaptors


It is required by Australia Governments and possibly many other countries that international students must have proper insurance covers. Hospital and medical expenses can be extremely high in all developed countries. You never know when you are going to use your insurance. When you come to the point of using it, it can be very costly if you are not covered. Moreover, as an overseas student, your insurance can be less than half of the normal insurance fee. Therefore, you always have to make sure you have proper health insurance.

Passport, Visa and Offer Letter

These are all important documents which are required when you take a flight to enter Australia and when you enroll in your university. Make sure you have all the materials ready. Furthermore, it's a good practice to take copies of all the documents so that even when you lose your luggages, you still have evidence for what you claim to be or to have.

Banking and Money

Having a bank account is a must in all Western countries. You can open a bank account in Australia from your home country or after you arrive here. The process is very easy and straight forward.

If you open a bank account when you arrive here, you can just bring your passport and the offer letter from your university to a branch of Commonwealth Bank or ANZ Bank. They will instantly open a new account with no monthly fee since you are a full time student.

Check Out The Weather

There are four seasons in Australia in the following sequence:
> Summer: December to February
> Autumn: March to May
> Winter: June to August
> Spring: September to November

This means the mid-year break happens in winter and the Christmas takes place in Summer. In general, Australia is a very dry place so summer can get much hotter. Check out the temperature of the place you are gonna come and when you will come also decides what you should bring with you. As a result, you can be mentally prepared.

Housing and Transportation

Rental fees are very high in Australia. Depending on where you live, the figure can vary significantly. For example, if you live in Sydney (probably the most expensive place in Australia), it can cost you around $185/week for single rooms which are close to your university (5 min walk). For areas far away from your university, it might cost you $130/week (40 min walk) but then you might need to take a bus or catch a train to go to the university every day. Because of this, many students prefer to share rooms. Let's consider a double room close to your school. It can cost you $220/week/2 people or $110/week/person.

Emergency Numbers

Make sure you always remember emergency numbers for urgent emergency assistance. For Australia, it's the Triple Zero (000) not 911. It's free of charge in Australia and probably in almost all other countries.

Make A Note of Everything

Student ID, your parents' information, addresses where you used to live and you are living, starting/ending dates of your class and many more are worth writing down for future references. When you finish your degrees and are ready to apply for your Permanent Residency, they will become extremely important since what you fill in your visa applications must be correct and matching.


Australia adaptors are different from other countries. You should buy these for backup before moving here. Even though you can buy this in local shops but in some places, it's just very difficult to find one that matches with your electrical devices. Sometimes you have to go very far away which also costs you the money for transportation just to buy this.