Australia Study

Australia Study has never been more affordable. With multiple benefits such as learning English from native speaking lecturers, exploring the most exotic parts of the World; more and more international students are coming to Australia. This blog is to share the experience and can be used as a guideline for prospective students who are considering Australia as a study abroad destination.


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Prepare Before Going Australia

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Following is a quick checklist that helps you prepare yourself before going to Australia for study. This list of things to know before going Australia has been proven to work for many international students. It's divided into 2 parts. One is when you are about to take a flight. The other one is for you when you are still in the process of making up a decision and doing research about Australia Study.



This checklist can be used around 2 or 3 weeks before you go


Sort out where you are going to live. Probably housing is the most painful when you study in Australia. It varies significantly depending upon your university and location.
Read Where To Live In Sydney and Cost Of Living Sydney Australia to know more about Accommodation in Sydney


Opening a bank account is a must. You can do it either from your country or in Australia. The staff here will definitely be very friendly to help you through. However, just make sure to open an account from the same bank as your parents' one. Doing that reduces the cost when your parents transfer money to your bank account.


Having an insurance cover is required to study in Australia. With respects to that, OSHC is a common choice for overseas students. All Australian institutes will ask you to prove you have purchased insurance covering the full period you will be studying here.

Flight Ticket

Check out a range of choices from your country to Australia. It's normally very competitive so you can probably find one that is cheap and more suitable. The earlier you book a plane ticket, the more opportunities you can get a cheap one.

Mobile phone

You can bring a mobile phone from your country to Australia. Your phone will work with a new SIM card here. Bear in mind you might need to unlock your phone if it's locked to the phone provider in your home country. For American students, they need a tri-band phone which can opperate on 900/1800 Mhz. Otherwise, you can just buy a new one plus a new SIM card for around $100 here.

Paperwork and documents

Health Insurance Receipt
Letter of Offer from Your University
Photocopies of all the above documents
Your Photos: bring around 10 photos in case you need to do paperwork in Australia. Here each photo costs you $2.



It can be extremely cold in winter (4-5 degrees) and extremely hot in summer (45 degrees). However, it depends greatly on where you will live. You can search on Google for the temperature of the place you are going to. For example, you can search "Sydney temperature", it will show you the current conditions in Sydney.


Your laptop and other electronic devices might have a different connection from what is used in Australia. Bring an adaptor to make sure they can be used here.


This checklist can be used when you are considering whether Australia is the best option for you

Know Your Reason

Why do you want to study in Australia? This information is vital to your future success. Following are some of the top reasons to study overseas:
Improving English
Immigration: You want to stay here after your study
International Qualifications
Improving Career Prospects
Making Friends
Broadening Your Worldview
There are many more possible reasons and you have to prioritise them. Fulfilling all your goals is sometimes impossible because of many things such as financial difficulties or increasingly hardened migration policies.

Choose A Degree and University

Based on your reasons decided earlier, you can choose a suitable degree in a more affordable univeristy taking into account the following factors:
Your Education Background
Your Finance
Commitment: if you have to face heaps of difficulties here, do you think you can go on to finish your degree?



Can you finish the paperwork to go from your country to Australia?
Can you fulfill the enrolment conditions for the degree offered by the university you decided



School fees are very expensive and rent fees can be another nightmare for you. Check up where you are going to live. Is it affordable in the long term?