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Australia Study has never been more affordable. With multiple benefits such as learning English from native speaking lecturers, exploring the most exotic parts of the World; more and more international students are coming to Australia. This blog is to share the experience and can be used as a guideline for prospective students who are considering Australia as a study abroad destination.


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Macquarie University

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A quick overview about Macquarie University and top reasons for choosing Macquarie as your next destination will be presented in this article. Hence, it assists you in deciding which university is the perfect match for you.


Ranked in the top 10 universities in Australia, Macquarie University is the dreamed destination for many international students. Its largest campus is situated in North Ryde closed to the technology and industry focused area Macquarie Park. The other two satellites campuses are located in the Sydney CBD and Manly. As a Macquarie University student you will join a diverse and welcoming community of 33,000 students, with 10,400 international students from over 114 countries.

Below are some of the top reasons for choosing Macquarie University:
+ Graduates are highly sought after after with starting salaries recorded amongst the highest in Australia (The Good Universities Guide 1998-2010).
+ Many unique programs such as the Intership and Global Leadership programs help Macquarie students have great opportunities to build leadership, communication and life skills.
+ Beautiful campuses with modern Institutional facilities:
> Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Center is located on the Western side of the North Ryde campus which houses a 50 meter FINA-compliant outdoor pool, 25 meter indoor pool, badminton, basketball and volleyball.
> Great opportunities for collaboration with leading companies from the Macquarie University Research Park.
> State-of-the-art Macquarie University Hospital.
> Closed to Macquarie Shopping center and Macquarie Train station.
+ Macquarie's goal is to be one of the top eight research-intensive universities in Australia.
+ Dedicated Macquarie International Office for overseas students and great student support such as Free Airport Pick-up Service from Sydney's airport.
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