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Australia Study has never been more affordable. With multiple benefits such as learning English from native speaking lecturers, exploring the most exotic parts of the World; more and more international students are coming to Australia. This blog is to share the experience and can be used as a guideline for prospective students who are considering Australia as a study abroad destination.


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Cost Of Living Sydney Australia

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Sydney is ranked among the most expensive cities in the world. It's due to the exchange rate of Australian Dollar and the development of the whole Australia along with the rapid industrialisation in Sydney. In this article, I'm going to give you some figures related to the cost of living for international students in Sydney.


It's fair to say that Sydney Australia is one of the best cities in the world wherein many world class programs and universities yielding internationally recognised degrees are available. Plus graduates from many well known Sydney Universities are highly sought after and offered with high salary jobs in both Australia and their home countries.

The following grocery prices are taken from Eastwood, a place where most Asian people go for shopping in Sydney. If you go to supermarkets such as Woolworth and Coles, the prices can be higher. As a result, overseas students usually go to this place or they will wait for items in supermarkets to be discounted. However, Eastwood can be far away from your location so you have to take this into account. Many students go shopping over the weekend to buy groceries for the whole coming week and to save the money for transportation.

• Phone service: around $29/month
• Single rooms – 5 min walking to university: $200/week
• Singles rooms – 40 min walking to university: $150/week
• Double rooms: $250/week
• Haircut: $15 - $25 (depending on your service)
• Health insurance:
      o $35/month (OSHC for students)
      o $106.75/month (young visitors)
• Bus/Train: $25 - $30 /week (depending on your lifestyle)
• Grocery in average: $40 - $60/week
• Loaf of bread: $1, $2.5, $4
• Chicken wings: $1.99/kg (over 2kg) or $2.49/kg
• Chicken drumsticks:
      o $2.79/kg
      o $2.49/kg (over 2kg)
      o $2.19/kg (over 4kg)
• Whole Chicken:
      o Fresh: $8/ea
      o Frozen: $4/ea
• Pork: $6.99/kg (over 2kg) or $7.49/kg
• Beef: $5.5/kg (over 2kg) or $6.99
• Orange: $4 - $5/3kg
• Apple: $2 - $3/kg
• Kiwi: $2 - $3/kg
• Mandarin: $2 - $3/kg
• Banana: $2 - $16/kg
• Watermelon: $1.98/kg
• Pear: $2 - $3/kg
• Cabbage:
      o Chinese cabbage: $2 - $4/ea
      o Plain cabbage: $2 - $4/ea
• Celery: $2 - $4/ea
• Tomato: $3/bag (1.5 kg)
• Potato: $2/kg unwashed or $2.5/kg washed
• Cauliflower: $3 - $4/ea
• Shallot: $2 - $3/ea
• Brown onion: $1.88/kg
• Lettuce: $2 - $4/ea