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Australia Study has never been more affordable. With multiple benefits such as learning English from native speaking lecturers, exploring the most exotic parts of the World; more and more international students are coming to Australia. This blog is to share the experience and can be used as a guideline for prospective students who are considering Australia as a study abroad destination.


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Student Visa Extension

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This article shows an example on how to extend student visa. With step by step instructions, you can have a better understanding as to how to do student visa extension by yourself.


Student Visa Extension is a procedure that allows you to extend your stay in Australia for further study. A common scenario is depicted as below:

student visa extension - why to extend

Further Information (Optional):Depending on your degree, you will have a corresponding visa type. For example, if you study a Master Degree, you will have visa subclass 573. To know which subclass you are in, check the visa label printed on your passport or google up for "student visa subclass Australia". You then can see a list of available subclasses which you can use to search for your subclass number.

Extending student visa is a very straight forward and easy procedure. You are encouraged to accomplish this online.

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