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How To Apply Online - Skill Assessment Australia and Assessing Authorities

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We provide general concepts related to skill assessment. Then we will delve into what you should prepare and how you can lodge your skill assessment application.


1) What is Skill Assessment
2) What is Skill Assessment
3) Who needs to undertake Skill Assessment

Skill Assessment

This is a procedure taken in order to prove that you are eligible for the profession you claim to be. This procedure is required by the Australian Government for immigration purposes.

Assessing Authorities

These are the departments where you need to go to for your skills to be assessed. For different professions, there will be different Assessing Authorities. Hence, you got to choose the right Assessing Authorities for yourself.

Who needs to undertake Skill Assessment

When you want to apply for Temporary Visa or Permanent Visa (PR), you have to undertake this procedure. Having said that, we also want to remind you there are various ways to apply for PR or any particular visa. Therefore, you can encounter different requirements depending on which type/situation you are in now. This article is written under the consumptions that you have graduated from an Australian university after 2 years full time study and now you want to apply for PR.

This section is to illustrate how you can choose the right Assessing Authority.
We will show you step by step so that you can have a better understanding.
1) Enter "assessing authorities australia" in Google. If you are already in Australia, you can just search for "assessing authorities"

skill assessment - step 1 - 1

You would want to click on the second link.

2) After you have been taken to the Immigration website of Australia, you can just follow step by step below:

skill assessment - step 1 - 2 skill assessment - step 1 - 3 skill assessment - step 1 - 4 skill assessment - step 1 - 5

3) You now can see the skill occupation list which lists all the occupations selected for Australian Immigration. On the right hand side, you can see the assessing authorities.

skill assessment - step 1 - 6 skill assessment - step 1 - 7

Now take a more closer look at this, you can notice there are occupations which have different fields:

skill assessment - step 1 - 8

From the screenshot, you can see for IT profession, you can belong to any of the following fields:
+ ICT Business Analyst
+ System Analyst
+ Analyst Programmer
+ Developer Programmer
+ Software Engineer

It can be very confusing because you could wonder which occupation you should apply for. 4) The following snapshot shows you some tips that assist you in choosing the right occupation for your application. In the previous screenshot, we have taken Australian Computer Society as our example.

skill assessment - step 1 - 9 skill assessment - step 1 - 10

Click on the first link

skill assessment - step 1 - 11

If you keep scrolling down, you can again see the list of different fields an IT engineer can choose.

skill assessment - step 1 - 12

You can click on any of them and a page with all the details related to the corresponding occupation is shown up.

skill assessment - step 1 - 13

After checking everything, now you should know which assessing authority you should go for and exactly which occupation you should choose.