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How To Get Documents Certified in Australia

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Getting documents to be certified is required when applying for many Australian Visas. And there are many discussions about this so we are not going to show you lengthy explanations. Instead, you can find step-by-step instructions that you can follow to get documents certified in Australia.


1) Why Documents Need To Be Notarized
2) How Documents can be Certified
3) Who Can Certify Documents in Australia
4) How To Save Money
5) How To Find A Pharmacist

Why Documents Need To Be Notarized

When you submit documents such as passport, IELTS Certificates, Academic Transcripts; you are required to provide copies of those documents not the original ones. Hence, the copies have to be certified by certain people.

How Documents can be Certified

Following is an example on how this process works.

certified copies - process

As can be seen, you have to get the printouts of your original documents before going to a Justice of Peace (JP) or anyone who is eligible.
Doing this help you save the cost of the whole application process.

Who Can Certify Documents in Australia

Authorised Personnels to sign certified documents include:
+ Justice of the peace or bail justice
+ Post Office
+ Barrister, solicitor or attorney
+ Registrar or deputy registrar of the County Court
+ Member of the police force
+ Registered medical practitioner, dentist or veterinary practitioner
+ Pharmacist
+ Manager of a bank
A full list can be found in Statutory declaration signatory list

The result is that your documents will be stamped as below:
certified copies - signature

How To Save Money

If you are lucky enough that your visa allows you to apply online, you can just scan your documents and submit. If not, following are some suggestions to save cost.

As mentioned above, you should get the printouts at home if you have a printer.

Secondly, your choosing who is going to certify your documents matters.

If you go to a post office, it would cost you $2 AUD per copy (at the time this article is written). And a solicitor would charge you around $2.5 AUD. Suppose you have 10 documents, it would sum up to $20 AUD.

However, if you go to a Pharmacist or the Police, I believe they will certify your documents free of charge.

In some cases, you can even go to a bank and ask for a bank manager who also can do this for free.

How to find a Pharmacist

Assume that you are in Australia. When you log on Google, you will be taken to which is for Australian websites.

Let's take Macquarie University as an example. If you live near Macquarie University, you would want to search for "Pharmacist Macquarie University".

certified copies - pharmacists

certified copies - pharmacist location