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Health Insurance on Bridging Visa

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One of the many frequently asked questions is whether I have to buy health insurance when I am on a bridging visa. This short article gives you insight.


A Bridging Visa is granted when your current visa in Australia expires and you are applying for another visa. This gives you extended periods of time to stay in Australia waiting for your visa application to be finalised.

So many people have asked this question "do i need to buy health insurance for bridging visa". The answer is YES but not that straight forward. The reason is that it actually depends on your last substantive visa. For example, you were on a student visa and have just graduated. Now you are applying for a work visa. At the moment you apply for the work visa, you are granted a bridging visa A (More information at Bridging Visa). Your bridging visa will have all the visa conditions as your student visa because you just finished your student visa. Next, all student visas require you to have health insurance so your bridging visa will also require you to have a proper health insurance cover.

Now, another common question is which health insurance cover with a reasonable price you should have. It really depends on which visa you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for Skilled – Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 485), you can probably apply for Young Visitor Health Insurance in Medibank for $106.75 AUD (prices correct as of May 2012). You can just give a ring to Medibank to find out what the most suitable health insurance cover is for you.