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Who Can Certify Documents For Free

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There were a large number of searches coming to our website to find who can certify documents for free in Australia. Some examples include:

  • can pharmacists certify documents for free?
  • do the australian police charge for certifying documents?


Even though we've already mentioned this in our earlier post How To Get Documents Certified in Australia, we would like to address these questions in order for people to easily find the answers.

As far as we're concerned, normally bank brand managers, pharmacists and the Australian Police will certify your documents for FREE at least when we were writing this article.

If you spend some time on reading this How To Get Documents Certified in Australia, you can see some advice on how to save money on this process including getting a printout at home since they will not do that for you.

The result is that your documents will be stamped as below:
certified copies - signature

A full list of authorised Personnels to sign certified documents include:
+ Justice of the peace or bail justice
+ Post Office
+ Barrister, solicitor or attorney
+ Registrar or deputy registrar of the County Court
+ Member of the police force
+ Registered medical practitioner, dentist or veterinary practitioner
+ Pharmacist
+ Manager of a bank